Szczecin- Baltic Tall Ships Regatta 2015

In the North-West Poland, there lies a proud and historic city of Sczecin. (Western Pomeranian Region).


To the amusement of many, Szcecin is a famous port city but no…it does not actually have the direct access to the Baltic Sea . Surprised?

Szczecin is considered to be a crucial seaport as it is  closely connected with the nearby Swinoujscie port .

A large Odra river  and the “Sczecin” Lagoon, connect Sczecin with the Baltic Sea.


There is a large shipbuilding center and a very distinguished Marine Academy in Szczecin, which produces the  finest sailors that work all over the world on various ships and ports. ( As we are also originally from Szczecin,  we must confess that the majority of our friends did study there,  and are now employed in the marine/ship industry).


While Szczecin attracts mostly business travelers, it can also form an interesting tourist destination. Several enchanting sights, the many parks, and the impressive number of bars are Szczecin’s main attractions.

The city is located near the German border, so you can flight directly to the large Schönefeld Airport (SXF) – Berlin .

Szcecin also has a small airport (called Szcecin Goleniow) , but only a few planes from Ireland and UK fly there.

Each year Sczecin hosts a special Sea festival to celebrate our Baltic sea , and since the number of years,  it also co-hosts the amazing Baltic Tall ships Regatta.

This year, the tall ships will start their journey from the port in Klaipeda, Lithuania on Monday 8th June and will arrive to Szczecin on Friday 12th June. They will stay in Szczecin for the consecutive 3 days, to depart on Monday June 15th.


More details about the event here:

85 ships in total  from all around the world will take place in this year’s Regatta. Ships such as “Utopia” from Denamrk, “Swan” from UK, “Ingo” from Sweeden, “Hossanna ” from France,  “Cisne Branco” from Brazil, “Bonaventura” from Poalnd , “Akela” from Russia or “Johann Smidt” from Germany to  name a few.

Full list of ships available here:

Paul Bishop, Head of Race Directorate at Sail Training International, organisers of the event said, “This promises to be an excellent Tall Ships Regatta and popular with many of the sail training vessel operators in the Baltic. The two experienced sail training friendly host ports of Klaipeda and Szczecin will be working hard to ensure that the young international crews will have a memorable time and that the needs of the ships will be met”

This is how the event looked like , last year!

Tallships1 Tallships2

Tallships3 tallships4 tallships5


If you would like to come and join us at the Tall ships Regatta in Szczecin,  here is a link:

You can also register as a crew member to sail on board , help out and have a magnificent adventure.

Just pick a ship and sign up:


Now if you are coming over to Szczecin , we do have to recommend some hotels!

1.  Park Hotel Szczecin

-4 star hotel but of exceptional luxury standard

-The building is nearly 100 yesr old

-Located centrally but  in a park -which delivers a beautiful ambiance and peace

-Located minutes away from the historical city center “Waly Chrobrego”


2.  Radisson Blu

-located outside the famous Galaxy Shopping center

-iconic with famous Baltica Spa and the “22” rooftof bar with great coctails

-very central location


3. Novotel Szcecin city center

-loved by the locals

-very central location

-main shopping district


4. Hotel Atrium Szczecin

-Boutique hotel with 30 bedrooms

-located in the central and  beautiful Pogodno distric

-12 years old but situated in the historical hundred-years-old post German villa


5. Hotel Zamek Centrum Szczecin

-often regarded as the best in Szczecin

-located in the old Town district, near the Marine Academy

-Great restaurant “Buddha”


6. Hotel Focus Szcecin

-located near the historical attractions and the Marine Academy

-4star hotel

-66 single and 53 double rooms


If you are looking to visit Szczecin and are planning your next conference, event, meeting in Szczecin we will help you to find the right venue/hotel.

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